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8 Easy Tips to Prolong your Battery Life

As one of those who frequently use battery, it is an actual nightmare if you find out that you have to buy another battery again. Add in the fact that you just bought the battery three months ago. It is a hassle, especially when you think about the the additional costs that you need to pay.

Another downside is when you use a rechargeable battery and you have to charge it more than the usual. It’s completely normal to have those drastic problems, but it does not hurt to learn some tips to avoid them. Fortunately, there are easy tips that will guide you in prolonging the life of your battery and maybe extending your life (since you will save more).

  1. Keep the battery clean - Your mom used to tell you when you were younger how important it is to clean the room. This is the same for your battery. The terminals should be cleaned on a regular basis. Wipe out acid or dirt that built up in the case. Use a mixture of warm soapy water for cleaning. Keeping your battery clean will keep it from self-discharging. Also, make sure that all terminals are properly connected.
  1. Keep the same battery type together - If you are storing your spare batteries, make sure to have a separate storage space for your lead acid and lithium battery. Keep the same types together. Also, avoid mixing an old battery with a new one. This is because the old battery may drain the new one and would then shorten its battery life.
  1. Monitor its charge rate – There is a great chance for the batteries to sustain damages if you overcharge or undercharge them. One effect is reduced batterfy life. It is always best to ask your car dealer or repair shop to check the rate during the service check. This normally includes the charge rate and the general condition of the battery.
  1. Check the water level – Checking the water  level every now and then, especially during  the summer season, is necessary. The level must not be too low. If necessary, pour in additional water but make sure to use distilled one only.Do not overfill. Don’t forget to wipe any spillage for this can also damage the battery if neglected.
  1. Secure the battery – Do so properly. Make sure to tighten and fix all clamps. You don’t want your battery to get damaged just because of this.
  1. Charge it regularly – Don’t allow the battery to get drained for too long. Take at least an hour drive in a week to ensure that it remains charged. Don’t just run the engine at idle or take short trip because are insufficient in keeping your battery charged. This will only shorten its life.
  1. Inspect the drive belts – The belts shouldn’t be too loose. Also, check if there are signs of fraying or cracking. Note that one of the main causes of battery failure is a loose alternator belt. Ensure to tighten it correctly to prevent you from dealing with any inconvenience later.
  1. Make sure to have a well-performing engine - Poor engine can actually damage the battery. To prevent this from happening sooner, make sure to have you car serviced every now and then. This will prolong the life of your battery.

Again, you will never lose anything by learning how to maintain the good condition of your battery. You may even deal with losses if you neglect it since this may reduce its life span. Well, the battery deserves to have a little more life, right?