Tailoring Stairlifts to Specific Home Requirements

Tailoring Stairlifts to Specific Home Requirements
Paramount Living Aids

Paramount Living Aid, a leading provider of mobility solutions, faced the challenge of ensuring that their stairlifts could seamlessly integrate into a variety of home environments. This case study explores how Paramount Living Aids tackled this challenge by offering customization options that allow stairlifts to be tailored to specific home requirements, ensuring optimal functionality and user satisfaction.

Client’s Needs:

Many clients seeking stairlift solutions have unique home layouts and requirements. Some homes may have narrow staircases, curved stairs, or other architectural features that require specialized solutions. Paramount Living Aids recognized the importance of addressing these diverse needs to provide effective mobility solutions for their clients.

Customization Options:

Paramount Living Aids

  1. Adjustable Track Lengths:

Paramount Living Aids introduced adjustable track lengths, allowing for precise fitting to various staircase configurations. This customization option ensures that stairlifts can be installed in homes with both standard and non-standard staircase dimensions.

  1. Curved Staircase Adaptation:

For homes with curved staircases or complex layouts, Paramount Living Aids developed customizable curved stairlift tracks. These tracks are meticulously measured and manufactured to fit the exact curvature of the staircase, providing smooth and seamless mobility.

  1. Compact Design Options:

Recognizing the need for space-saving solutions in smaller homes, Paramount Living Aids offers compact design options for stairlifts. These models feature streamlined designs and foldable components, allowing for minimal obstruction of staircases when not in use.


Paramount Living Aids commitment to customization options has enabled them to provide tailored stairlift solutions that meet the unique requirements of each client’s home. By offering adjustable track lengths, curved staircase adaptation, compact design options, and a range of material choices, Paramount Living Aids ensures that their stairlifts seamlessly integrate into any home environment, providing safe and reliable mobility solutions for individuals with mobility challenges.