Best basil chicken rice with egg Recipe

Best basil chicken rice with egg Recipe
basil chicken rice with egg

If one has been to Thailand at some point and doesn’t know what to eat when one’s hungry in a restaurant, choose this dish; one won’t end up bad! This truly delicious dish is one of Thailand’s unique food varieties and a real work of art. Also called Pad Kra Pao Gai in Thai, it is one of the most popular Thai road food dishes. The chicken is sautéed with Thai blessed basil and served over rice with a grilled egg. When preparing this basil chicken rice with egg, one may decide to replace chicken with pork, squid, shrimp, or even tofu.

Thai holy basil

Likewise, one needs to utilize Thai holy basil for the genuine taste; there’s no decent substitute for this. Not even Thai sweet basil or lemon basil can deliver that peppery, energetic character that holy basil has. All things considered, assuming one essentially can’t track Holy Basil and can only track Thai Sweet Basil, one can, in any case, make this formula, and while it doesn’t have that peppery character, in any case, basil chicken rice with egg presumably will have a taste great.

The Expert Tips

Use a mortar and pestle to coarsely crush the garlic and peppers. In nothing like the minced, the crush truly delivers each of the juices and oils from the peppers and garlic and gives it an extra depth of flavor, which in turn makes the whole chicken basil dish more dynamic, garlicky, and hot. Fry the egg in oil sauces. It is an exceptionally Thai method of burning eggs; the additional oil gives them a nice freshness on the outer edges, and the taste is incredibly well blended with the rice and chicken.

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