Mail Direct and its advantages

Mail Direct and its advantages
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Mail marketing communication is the use of correspondence to reach pre-selected potential customers with a sales message. It is a medium that allows you to reach prospects, with minimal waste of circulation.

Electronic Direct Mail:  Unlike other major media, it has the advantage of selecting the recipients and personalizing the message. When you hire other media – press, radio or television – you buy a circulation that includes people who are not necessarily prospects for the product. Direct mail has the characteristic of providing 100% of the expected coverage.

mailing services in Kennesaw, GA campaign must be carefully planned, just like any other advertising or personal selling campaign. The selection of names to address correspondence to is the first consideration when starting a direct mail campaign.


The most commonly used formats in direct mail are sales letters, catalogues, new product mailings, event invitations, samples, ad reprints, newsletters, magazines, audit reports, and annual reports. The format is limited only by your imagination and budget.

The letter is the most used format, as it is the simplest and most personalized form. More important than the physical characteristics of the letter, it is the tone that characterizes a good direct mail piece

Direct mail is advantageous in the following cases:

When you want to reach a pre-selected and specific market, Selectivity is the biggest advantage of the medium. When an advertiser wants to personalize his message, Direct mail is a form of communication very close to personal selling. The message is sent to a specific person and only to that person. Additionally, the message reaches you in your office or home, where the retention of the message is maintained for a long time.

When it is important not to have conflict or direct competition with other messages. The letter carries a single message, without additional distractions.

When time or geographic control is required. This is when there is a closing date or when the offer is valid for a group of people who live in a specific region.

You should plan whether to send a corporate cover letter first, then a list of the business units or services provided by the company, and finally an offer.

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