Suspense And Thriller Web series in Telugu

One of the most popular subgenres is a thriller. Be it a legal thriller, criminal thriller, romance thriller, action-adventure thriller, espionage thriller, etc. The emotions evoked by thriller web series include anticipation, tension, fear, and surprise. 

If you’re seeking thriller movies online, we’ve prepared a selection of thriller web series for you. 

1-In The Name of GOD 

What drives individuals to behave in inconceivable ways? Love, desire, independence, greed, and beauty? What makes them start bleeding? You can watch in aha ott for a shocking story.  

2- Addham 

In a collection of three stories, the idea that morality is a changing goal is at the centre. Diverse circumstances, moral quandaries, and life-altering decisions are all combined in this series. 


A man who is not who he claims to be, two thieves, and a few unexpected guests are all tied up in a mansion. Will they make it through this assignment, which is certain to leave even the bravest behind with the mastermind constantly one step ahead and ominous events? 


Will a woman’s love prevail over a man’s lust when they are caught up in an emotional storm over an abusive marriage and their husband’s extramarital affair? It is a story inspired by Hoichoi, a story that pulls at your heart. 

5- Kothaporadu 

Raju, a carefree villager new to the city, is the main character in this story. Even though it seems like his struggle will never end, fate has other plans for him. Kothaporadu: watch it to learn more about his journey. 

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6-Anya’s Tutorial 

As a result of her viewers discovering signs of paranormal activity in her home, Anya’s Tutorial YouTube channel has gained popularity. She takes advantage of the haunted house, but dancing with the devil has a cost. 

Try this web series to see some violence in a thriller! 

7- Agent Anand Santosh 

A quick-witted, aspiring detective struggle to develop professionally and deals with the slow-moving agency veterans he is working with. It might be your go-to thriller web series. 

8- Qubool Hai?(Deccani) 

In Talabkatta, a father is forced by poverty and misery to sell his 12-year-old daughter (Ameena) to a wealthy older man. New Talab Katta police station officer Bhanu decides to take on the unlawful practice of child trafficking in the interim. Throughout this procedure, he makes several surprising findings. 


When looking for thriller movies online, are you primarily hunting for binge-watching stuff? You no longer need to do it. You’ll be riveted by these top thriller web series, which AHA has highlighted. On aha, you can get Anya’s Tutorial to Agent Anand Santosh and many other series to binge all night!

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