How to Stay Updated with the Latest Telugu Movie Reviews

How to Stay Updated with the Latest Telugu Movie Reviews
How to Stay Updated with the Latest Telugu Movie Reviews

Fans who are eager to discover new films, gauge audience reactions, and make informed viewing decisions should read the most recent Telugu movie reviews. Movie Reviews  provide audiences with valuable perspectives and evaluations of films, helping them decide what to watch next.Here are compelling ways of remaining refreshed:

  1. Utilize the various social media platforms:

For real-time updates on Telugu movies, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are lively venues. For announcements, trailers, and promotional content, follow the official handles of actors, directors, and production houses. In addition, participating in film-related hashtags and following fan communities can facilitate the exchange of a wide range of viewpoints and immediate responses from other movie buffs.

  1. Buy into Film Magazines and Bulletins:

If you want to stay up to date on the latest movie news and reviews, Telugu-focused film magazines and newsletters are invaluable resources. Distributions like Telugu Film Magazine and Cine Josh Magazine offer top to bottom inclusion, interviews with industry experts, and basic examinations that assist per users with remaining refreshed with improvements in the Telugu entertainment world.

  1. Participate in Film Screenings and Festivals:

New releases and independent films can be seen firsthand at Telugu film festivals and screenings. The International Film Festival of India and the Hyderabad International Film Festival, for example, present a wide range of cinematic works alongside insightful panel discussions and Q&A sessions with filmmakers and critics.

Telugu Funda

  1. Take part in Web-based Gatherings and Conversations:

Online gatherings and conversation sheets committed to Telugu film are ideal stages for collaborating with individual film devotees and trading conclusions on late deliveries. Active communities on websites like Reddit and Quora allow users to discuss the artistic merits of Telugu films, share recommendations, and share reviews.

  1. Investigate Digital broadcasts and YouTube Channels:

Digital recordings and YouTube channels zeroing in on Telugu film offer varying media content that incorporates surveys, meetings, and profound jumps into film examination. When you sign up for channels like Film Companion South and Tollywood Central, you get access to expert opinions, insights from the industry, and discussions that help you better understand and appreciate Telugu films.

Fans can keep up with the most recent Telugu movie reviews, have meaningful conversations, and develop a deeper appreciation for the diverse and dynamic landscape of Telugu cinema by utilizing these methods. Telugu Funda offers a comprehensive look into the world of Telugu cinema, covering everything from latest releases to timeless classics and industry insights.

Unlocking the Rich Tapestry of Art and Culture in Western Massachusetts

Are you ready to embark on a captivating journey through the vibrant world of art and culture in Western Massachusetts? From picturesque landscapes that have inspired countless artists to the thriving cultural scenes of its cities and towns, this region is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. In this article, we’ll take you on a virtual tour, revealing hidden gems and offering insider tips to immerse yourself in the artistic and cultural tapestry of Western Massachusetts.

The Berkshires: Where Art Meets Nature

Our journey begins in the scenic Berkshires, a region renowned for its breath-taking landscapes and world-class cultural attractions. Nestled amidst rolling hills, you’ll find the renowned Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA). Spanning 16 acres, this museum is a haven for contemporary art enthusiasts, featuring cutting-edge exhibitions and immersive installations that challenge your perspective.

After indulging your artistic senses at MASS MoCA, take a leisurely drive through the Berkshire Botanical Garden, where the beauty of nature meets human creativity. The gardens are not only a sanctuary for plants but also a canvas for outdoor sculptures and art installations.

heavy crane

Springfield: A Blend of Art and History

Continuing our journey, we reach Springfield, where history and culture converge. The Springfield Museums offer a diverse range of experiences, from the Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden to the Springfield Art Museum, which houses an impressive collection of American art spanning centuries.

A visit to the Springfield Armory National Historic Site provides a glimpse into the region’s industrial history and its pivotal role in shaping the nation. Explore the museum’s exhibits and discover the artistry involved in crafting firearms and armour.

Plan Your Art and Culture Adventure

Before you embark on your artistic journey through Western Massachusetts, it’s essential to plan your itinerary. Check the websites of museums and cultural institutions for the latest exhibits and events. Consider exploring during specific seasons when festivals and outdoor art installations are at their peak.

As you immerse yourself in the art and culture of Western Massachusetts, you’ll discover that this region is not just a destination; it’s an invitation to explore, experience, and appreciate the boundless creativity that thrives here. So, pack your bags, open your heart to inspiration, and let the captivating world of art and culture in Western Massachusetts unfold before you.

Suspense And Thriller Web series in Telugu

One of the most popular subgenres is a thriller. Be it a legal thriller, criminal thriller, romance thriller, action-adventure thriller, espionage thriller, etc. The emotions evoked by thriller web series include anticipation, tension, fear, and surprise. 

If you’re seeking thriller movies online, we’ve prepared a selection of thriller web series for you. 

1-In The Name of GOD 

What drives individuals to behave in inconceivable ways? Love, desire, independence, greed, and beauty? What makes them start bleeding? You can watch in aha ott for a shocking story.  

2- Addham 

In a collection of three stories, the idea that morality is a changing goal is at the centre. Diverse circumstances, moral quandaries, and life-altering decisions are all combined in this series. 


A man who is not who he claims to be, two thieves, and a few unexpected guests are all tied up in a mansion. Will they make it through this assignment, which is certain to leave even the bravest behind with the mastermind constantly one step ahead and ominous events? 


Will a woman’s love prevail over a man’s lust when they are caught up in an emotional storm over an abusive marriage and their husband’s extramarital affair? It is a story inspired by Hoichoi, a story that pulls at your heart. 

5- Kothaporadu 

Raju, a carefree villager new to the city, is the main character in this story. Even though it seems like his struggle will never end, fate has other plans for him. Kothaporadu: watch it to learn more about his journey. 

Kotha Poradu Season 1 Review: Technically brilliant with intriguing  performances

6-Anya’s Tutorial 

As a result of her viewers discovering signs of paranormal activity in her home, Anya’s Tutorial YouTube channel has gained popularity. She takes advantage of the haunted house, but dancing with the devil has a cost. 

Try this web series to see some violence in a thriller! 

7- Agent Anand Santosh 

A quick-witted, aspiring detective struggle to develop professionally and deals with the slow-moving agency veterans he is working with. It might be your go-to thriller web series. 

8- Qubool Hai?(Deccani) 

In Talabkatta, a father is forced by poverty and misery to sell his 12-year-old daughter (Ameena) to a wealthy older man. New Talab Katta police station officer Bhanu decides to take on the unlawful practice of child trafficking in the interim. Throughout this procedure, he makes several surprising findings. 


When looking for thriller movies online, are you primarily hunting for binge-watching stuff? You no longer need to do it. You’ll be riveted by these top thriller web series, which AHA has highlighted. On aha, you can get Anya’s Tutorial to Agent Anand Santosh and many other series to binge all night!

A Look Inside The Haunted House

A Look Inside The Haunted House
Scariest haunted house in Ohio

Halloween is a special time and one that my family looks forward to every year. Our family even ran a charity for three years in a row. This can be a great way to make money for the charity you choose, have fun, and be responsible with family and friends. It can also be stressful. Here are some tips and tricks to make your Scariest haunted house in Ohio more efficient and less stressful. 

These tips from personal experience and hope they will help you as you plan your stay:

Make sure you have enough volunteers. It is important when planning a Scariest haunted house in Ohio that helps the needy to get more volunteers. Also, plan how many rooms you will have in your haunted house and try to arrange for at least one volunteer in each room. If you can arrange for two volunteers in each room, that is fine. That way the volunteers can talk to the visitors and not get bored. The more fun your volunteers are, the more likely they are to keep coming back.

Scariest haunted house in Ohio

Experience Horror and Adventure

While this is an event for giving and using volunteers,recommend that you create a professional schedule and try to emphasize what days can help volunteers. Most people understand that you will need to make a real plan for the event to work well.

Buy professional props and do many other Halloween items to save money. One thing you do not want to do with a charity haunt is to make the decorations so cheesy that they are ridiculous. You want to do your best to make your charity haunted house a real house. That means buying high quality Scariest haunted house in Ohio accessories and Halloween decorations. However, you do not want to break the bank with Halloween decorations either. After purchasing state-of-the-art equipment, such as boxes, skeletons and Halloween animatronics, do some stage stuff.

Movie based on football game in Telugu

Movie based on football game in Telugu

The coronavirus pandemic has bought a complete stop for moviegoers as they were forced to watch movies from homes because the theatres were closed. As a solution to this problem, people shifted their attention towards OTT streaming platforms and found ways to keep them entertained. The number of new subscribers joining the streaming platforms skyrocketed during the year 2020, with almost everyone buying a subscription to one or multiple streaming platforms for entertainment. The Telugu film industry also launched a streaming platform that instantly became a favourite of many people loving movies and webs series. The streaming platform was Aha, and you can watch numerous Telugu full movies online on the streaming platform.

One movie that became a super hit among sports fans was the 2018 sports drama movie Sudani from Nigeria. This movie was originally a Malayalam movie that was later on dubbed in Telugu and was launched on the streaming platform Aha. The story is about a football fan Majeed played by the talented SoubinShahir. Like many others in his town, Majeed is an avid football fan and is also a manager of the local football team. The team is called MYC Accode, and they frequently participate in various matches and tournaments. Majeed one day decides to recruit three Nigerian footballers for his team, who he believes will help him win many matches and tournaments. The players are skilled and help the team bag numerous titles and win, but financially, the team is unstable.

One day one of the Nigerian footballers is injured and hospitalized. Due to them not being financially stable, it gets difficult to bear the hospital’s expenses. So he decides to take the footballer to his former house where only he and his mother live. Occasionally Majeed’s step-father also visits, but Majeed does not like him and is angry at his mother for marrying him. Then Majeed and the footballer get to know each other, and Majeed learns that the footballer is a refugee whose parents died in the war and was survived by a grandmother and two sisters. Things start to go downhill when the footballer receives the news that his grandmother passed away and must return to stay with his sisters. Since he is a refugee, he does not have a valid passport that causes many ruckuses for him and Majeed. The story then describes how both try to find a way to send him back to his sisters without any trouble. The movie is directed by Zakariya Mohammed and produced by SammerThahir and Shiyju Khalid. Shyju Khalid did brilliant cinematography, and Rex Vijayan and ShahbazAman composed the songs.

This movie sends a message that where there is a will, there is a way. The brilliant acting by the cast helped them bag five awards at the Kerala State Film Awards. The brilliant direction and story-telling made the audience relate and connect with the characters. The brilliant music helped bring out the right emotions, and the movie was an overall success.

To conclude

Subscribe to aha to watch more movies online and several other web series.

Do you know these things about “AttarintikiDaredi” movie which makes you watch online now

Do you know these things about “AttarintikiDaredi” movie which makes you watch online now

Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: PawanKalyan, Samanta, Praneeta, Nadiya, Rao Ramesh, BomanIrani, Brahmanandam, Ali, Kota Srinivas Rao

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues & Direction:Trivikram Srinivas

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Cinematography: Prasad Moorella

Produced by: BVSN. Prasad on Sri Venkateshwara Cine Chitra


All are known about the AttarintikiDaredi movie, which was one of the milestone movies in PawanKalyan’s entire film career till now.  The movie released on 27th September 2013 and became a terrific hit at the box office.  The super hit combo returned with AttarintikiDaredi movie, after their super hit Jalsa.  This is a complete film, which has necessary elements like comedy, family emotions, sentiments, romance, action, drama, etc.  Let’s see the highlights and major reasons not to miss the movie online in aha ott.


AtharintikiDaaredi made under the genre of Family Entertainer with Comedy and Action.  The movie does not have routine things like meaningless battles between hero and villain, vulgar dialogues, inconvenient romance, etc.  All the characters have their importance in the movie.  It is a complete meal to the whole audience, irrespective of genres.

While coming to the story, Raghunandan (BomanIrani) a millionaire who lives life unhappy as his daughter Sunanda (Nadiya) away from him for 25 years.  Raghunandan asks his grandson Gautam Nanda (PawanKalyan), to bring his daughter, who is far away from him, for 25 years to him.  Gautam joins as Car Driver Siddharth in Sunanda’s house to go to his aunt, who has left them and changed her mind.  Why did Sunanda leave home?  How are the consequences faced by Goutam, while bringing back his aunt to home?  Does Sunanda’s daughter love Goutam?  How was the climax designed?  All the questions have answers remaining in the movie. 

Top reasons to watch “AttarintikiDaaredi” movie online:

Not only in action, romance, comedy, but also in sentimental scenes, PawanKalyan has done an amazing job.  In the climax scene, he begged his aunt with tears in his eyes, and then at the same time impressed her by acting out her joy and sorrow at once, but when Sunanda said, “All of them are dead,” she felt a little wet in the cunt… PawanKalyan showed his full potential as an actor.  His maturity as an actor can be seen in this film.  Pawan, who was blown away by the Brahmanandam combination, wowed the fans with his trademark styles in the action scenes. Fans are enthralled by the small dance moments performed by Pawan.

Senior actress Nadhiya played the role of hero’s aunty in an irresistible way.  After Pawan, this is the most important character in the movie.  Nadhiya was chosen, and the character was hit.

Even though the character of Brahmanandam was cast for comedy, he laughed once again as if it would have been missing in this movie without Brahmi.  Kevvukeka Baba, AhalyaAmayakuralu episodes made the movie a super hit.

Trivikram had good recognition as a dialogues writer first.  However, Trivikram used his dialogue writer sparingly in the film.  In some cases, it seems to have tried too much for a rhyme in dialogues.  However, it also contains dialogues that only Trivikram seems to be able to write.  If they have exclusive fans for Trivikram dialogues, they will be satisfied with those words. Trivikram excelled as a director rather than a writer in this film.  Guts needed to pick a story like this and screen it with a hero like PawanKalyan.  Trivikram performed such guts and tested himself as a director.

The background music is also nice.  Devi Sri Prasad gave an amazing background score and songs without dominating the scene anywhere. Prasad Murella’s cinematography is another asset. The film is very rich, and every frame is colorful.

Bowman Irani, Rao Ramesh, Mukesh Rishi, etc. were a perfect fit for their characters.

Finally:AttharintikiDaaredi movie a complete movie for the whole family.  To watch PawanKalyan’s all-round performance, go and watch the movie.

OTT platforms brought popular movies online to watch the audience in their free time.  Some movies can watch anywhere, any time. AttharintikiDaaredi movie just like that only.  The movie is available on aha ott platform, which facilitates many popular Telugu movies online.